Featured Photos

Below are the most popular photos I've taken - both from a critical perspective and in terms of most requested prints


Taken at Brick Pond Park in North Augusta, SC, this has been one of my bestsellers and is very popular at art shows.


This photo of as-Sulaymaniye Mosque, in Istanbul, was taken at sunrise. Despite the early morning colors, I prefer it in black and white and in high contrast as it holds the feeling of a graphite sketch

Cistern Under Istanbul

These cisterns were built by the Romans to provide clean water storage for the European side of Istanbul

Sultan's Eaves

This is looking straight up at the underside of the roof overhang at Topkapi Palace Museum. This building was the Ottoman Sultan's personal quarters

Urban Evolution

Taken at sunrise from as-Sulaymaniye mosque in Istanbul  facing east across the river towards the newer half of the city that is located on the Asian continent

Keeping House

This lovely lady is a Golden Orb Weaver spider. In this rare moment we see her tending to her web before starting the day

Lily Flower

Taken at Brick Pond Park in North Augusta, SC

Winter Rapids

Sky high perspective of Savannah River Rapids on the border between Georgia and South Carolina in Augusta, GA

Augusta Pride

This one speaks for itself

Autumn Harvest

Taken at a farm north of Monterey, California I love all the shapes, sizes, colors, and textures exhibited by these gourds

Garrapata Trail

In Central Coast California, dark clouds are always being blown towards the peninsula. I love the looming rain over the sea in contrast to the sunny hills

Bat Star

I found this beautiful orange Bat Sea Star on the pebble-filled beaches just south of Carmel

Calla Lily Valley

This drone shot was taken high above the famously beautiful Calla Lily Valley, the deep green line running horizontally in the middle of the image between Highway 1 and the sea

Hagia Sophia

Located in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia mosque is one of the most famous Byzantine houses of worship. I love the deep golden colors of the lamps which shine on the beautiful Arabic script. On the right is the name Husain. On the left - Hasan. These are the names of the prophet Muhammad's grandsons